Anonymous, Va Beach

I went to Dr. Keefe for fibromyalgia and 2 degenerative discs and have had 10 visits so far. My back pain has been decreased by about half and my fibromyalgia pain has been decreased even more significantly. I am 21 and used to have such serious pain that during the winter I often could not get dressed on my own-now I am living with much less pain! I would recommend Dr. Keefe to everyone! He is very knowledgable and seems to care quite a bit about his patients-the office staff is also extremely friendly and I’ve never had to wait for my appointment to start. For those curious about acupuncture, it doesn’t hurt-in fact I usually don’t know when he\’s started putting the needles in and I’m sensitive to pain. If you experience pain Anywhere-I highly recommend that you see Dr. Keefe!