Back Pain

Shavonne-Va Beach

I have been in back pain for the past five years, I am only 25years old, however my injury was military service related. My ijury was taking over my life, I would sometimes have pain from the time I woke up in the morning that would last all day, I have been seen by 3 other chiropractors, I’ve tried water erobics, physical therapy and pain management and I have had the best results with Dr. Keefe. Before I started being seen by Dr. Keefe I was in so much pain due to 2 hurrniated discs and a rotated hip and stiffness in my upper back. Dr. Keefe and Veronica have made such a turn around in my life, a am able to enjoy myself, pain free for much longer periods of time, I have not had this freedom in years. I knew that this treatment would work for me just by the way my body responded to my first session, I felt instant relief and have only been getting better ever since. Family Chiropractic’s staff are all very friendly and hospitable, they make each visit something to look forward to.