Cherie-Va Beach

I was scared to come to a chiropractor but having suffered with migaines fior ten years, i was willing to give it a try.  From the first call to the office to schedule my appointment, i knew i was doing the right thing.  Veronica made me feel calm and reassured me that Dr. Keefe was aan excellent doctor and very honest and thorough.  Dr. Keefe was wonderful!  He did a complete interview of my symptoms and actually told me where my exact pain was located!  His treatment method is gentle and effective.   he talked me through everything he did.  I love that fact that the massage therapynis in conjunction with Dr. keefes treatment.  I had a hradache for two weeks straight before coming to Dr. Keefe.  After just five treatments and massages, I m happy to say I am headache [free]!!  Thank you Dr.  Keefe and staff!  I am a believer!