I became a patient of Dr. Miller after suffering with lower back pain for over 4 years. I would wake up every morning stiff and in pain. After a few hours the pain would subside and I would forget about it until the next morning. Dr. Miller created a treatment plan that included office visits […]

Eddie-Virginia Beach

Dr. Keefe and Dr. Miller are consummate professionals. The things I like about them most is they, first of all, listen very well in the diagnostic phase, and then administer a treatment plan that makes sense to them and the patient. Bottom line- they deliver results in a very professional, practical way. I highly recommend […]

Marie-Virginia Beach

At first I was a big skeptic towards chiropractic treatment, but then I found Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture. As a professional dancer, muscle aches and injuries are part of my daily ritual. So after years of taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, I was amazed by the immediate effectiveness of spinal adjustments. My pains were […]